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Coton de Tulear rug

My little Coton de Tulear on the new rug I made yesterday. She likes the texture and warmth to stretch out. The rug is made of T-Shirt yarn. 

How-To: secure and hide the yarn ends

How to secure the yarn and make the start and end invisible. Use this when you embroider eyes, mouth and other decorations on a doll.

Try to choose a less visible point for the entry and exit of the embroidery yarn. I chose behind the ear. Insert the needle in the space between the stitches (do not go through the stitch and leave 2-3 inches yarn for securing when finished), pull the needle out at the front of the head and embroider the mouth or eye as instructed in the pattern.

After finishing pull the needle out at the same point (picture 1) then tie both yarn ends together (picture 2), use the tip of scissors to push both yarn ends inside the doll (picture 3) and you are finished (picture 4).

This short tutorial is also downloadable as PDF file.

Spring Amigurumi Doll, Crochet Pattern

This is my latest crochet pattern: for the Spring. It's a little girl with skirt, jacket and hat.

Forest Friends Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

I've made a new set of cute little animals: Forest Friends.

Big Honey Bear Amigurumi crochet pattern

I've made a large Honey Bear. The bear is 23 inches or 58 cm without the hat.

The pattern has instructions for the bear, hats and scarf. The hat comes in plain red or red+white stripes.